Welcome to the Mason Dixon 20-20's Finale


 Here is some basic information about the Finale.  There will be a "base route".  Riders will have to secure a fuel receipt from the following cities [in no particular order]:

  • Erie, PA
  • Winchester, VA
  • St Marys, WV
  • Binghamton, NY

Riders are advised to NOT start the rally with completely filled fuel tanks.  Riders will receive their rallybooks at the Riders' Meeting on Saturday May 23, 2020; there will be no early distribution of bonus lists prior to that meeting.  There will be approximately four dozen bonus locations, not including the fuel stops, mentioned above.  On the good news front, there will be a one hour "planning period" before the official rally clock starts;  riders may not leave prior to official rally start even if their planning is complete.

The Finale will be an Invitation Only event; there may be a limited number of Finishers' Banquet tickets available.  More information will be made available when appropriate.