As we approach the end of our remarkable 21 year run, we are left with two main groups of bonuses [or boni if you prefer]:

  • the greatest hits, and
  • the leftovers.

Well, the penultimate rally will be more leftovers than the hits.  These are more your shared workplace refrigerator leftovers; the kind in the random cool whip container growing hair or becoming a "science project" leftovers.  Many of the bonuses for this year's rally have been used before but were under-visited in the rallymaster's estimation, published with incorrect information, or have epic stories of rider failure attached to them.  The remainder have been never been used and probably will never get used again. 
To quote the great George Carlin, "...Put it back.  Somebody is saving it.  It'll turn up in something."

We are at the point there is no more saving and they're all turning up in something- this thing actually.   There is no holding back the good stuff for later; later is here.

More details are coming as registration is slated to open in early January 2019.