Congratulations, you are the newest power producer of Mason Dixon Riders Club films.  As a producer, it is incumbent upon you to assemble the best cast and crew around the best screenplay using the best available sets and backdrops; well, the best you can afford.   
Among the bonus list, you should find everything you need: talent, locations, musical directors, writers, extras, effects and of course directors.   

Everything you will do costs money, which drains your bankroll.  Just like in real life, getting Tom Hanks to star in one of your productions will cost more than a featured location site of Pickens, WV. You will start with a substantial bankroll, but will probably need further funding to score well.
Your production company will need a name, so make it clever and memorable.  FYI, thanks to Southpark “Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly On The Table, Inc.” has already been taken.  

 More information as we get closer to May.