Rally Rules

We have adopted Team Strange's Uniform Rules and would like to thank Team Strange for their work.  Please become very familiar with the Uniform Rules; there might be a quiz. ACR Digital Rules are in effect.


MD2020 Local Variations - last updated 10/17/2019

There will be an option to submit your bonus photos electronically that will be worth substantial bonus points.
Please bring one small (approximately 3" in diameter) yellow rubber ducky to check-in.
We strongly urge that you start the rally with plenty of room in your fuel tank.

 This is not a race; the goal is to achieve the most points, not miles. There may be a mileage cap - deal with it.   Riders are required to have 2 small US flags to place at any site they deem appropriate- it is Memorial Day.

 Mason-Dixon reserves the right to adjust historical records to reflect the discovery of cheating long after a Rally has been completed. The discovery of cheating will be shared with other rallymasters who may have their own policies regarding cheating.

The Scoring

At the start of the rally, you will be issued a Rally Pack. The Pack will contain a listing of bonus locations available for the Rally as well as other important/ required Rally documents. 
Each bonus location will have:

bullet an unique identifier,
bullet city and state of the location,
bullet name of location
bullet a set of general directions and/or coordinates to get you to the bonus location
a set of instructions to achieve the bonus points, and
bullet a preset bonus value.

To accrue the bonus point, you must follow the location's instructions (usually supply an answer to a question, take a photograph of something, or make a small purchase) and record it legibly in your Rally Pack, the time you visited the location, and your odometer reading. Examples of some more common rally abnormalities: 
A) Location 12 requires you to get a receipt for a 18" drill bit from Don's Hardware in Salem, NH. You ride to Don's and you find out that it burnt to the ground on Wednesday night after the owner's Ultra Classic had an "accident", a receipt from Ted's Minimart across the street with a note about Don's will be sufficient. However, if another rider also goes to Don's and gets a receipt, then your answer is suspect.
B) Location 67 requires a $1 poker chip from any Mississippi Riverboat casino, that means you must go to the Mississippi River to get one, not trade for one at a rest area on I-81. That would be cheating and we all know what cheating brings.

If you are unsure of the answer, fill in as much information as you deem necessary; there is no such thing as too much answer. There is no partial credit for incomplete answers. Wet Rally Packs or illegible entries will not be scored; don't even ask. For receipt type or merchandise boni, you must produce both the receipt and the goods as well as make the appropriate entry to receive credit. Where a gas receipt is used, remember to include the receipt in your fuel log if applicable.

The rider who accumulates the most points wins.  In the event of a tie, tie breakers will be in place. The Top Contestants will receive trophies. There will be other special Rally awards as merited.

When your Rally Pack is issued, please check to make sure it contains the items outlined on the cover sheet. If you have any questions on Location Specifics, please ask the Rally Masters at that time; do not wait until you are on the road to discover you aren't clear on the location instructions. Once the Rally Packs are issued, it is your responsibility to make sure the Pack is and stays complete and dry.

If there are any penalties for being late, these will be discussed in detail in your Rally Pack.

Special Boni


For all riders, Wildcard Boni may be handed out at the pre-Rally Briefing.